The information contained within this module on is based on qualitative research conducted in Australia by researchers based at the time at Monash University and the University of Melbourne.

Core Research Team

The research project which informs this website was led by Professor Renata Kokanovic (now RMIT University, formerly Monash University) in collaboration with Professor Bernadette McSherry (University of Melbourne), Professor Helen Herrman (University of Melbourne) and Professor Lisa Brophy (now La Trobe University, formerly University of Melbourne). In relation to the development of the website, all four researchers assisted in the recruitment and interviewing of participants, contributed to data analysis, supervised the project team during the process of writing talking points, and reviewed talking points and participant profiles. Renata oversaw the overall development of the website.

Project Research Associate and qualitative researcher Dr Fauzia Knight wrote the majority of the talking points for this website.

Project Staff

Dr Nicholas Hill conducted data analysis, wrote participant profiles and talking points, oversaw the preparation of all materials for web publication, and coordinated the development of the website during the data analysis and writing stage.

Dr Kate Johnston-Ataata managed the project, coordinated the development of the website with Nicholas, and acted as a 'Research Buddy' with Renata.

Dr Caroline Hart and Dr Audrey Statham reviewed and checked transcripts and wrote several participant profiles and talking points.

Melinda Soós reviewed and checked transcripts, proofread participant profiles, and wrote some talking points. She photographed the Australian flowers used on the website.

Partner Investigators

Thank you to our Partner Investigators: Elizabeth Crowther from the MI Fellowship of Victoria, Dr Rosemary Callander formerly of Tandem Carers, Keren Wolstencroft from Neami National, Margaret Grigg from Mind Australia, Robyn Humphries, Department of Health and Human Services, Victoria, Wayne Weavall formerly of the Victorian Mental Illness Awareness Council, and Merrilee Cox, formerly of Neami National. (The Department of Health and Human Services, Victoria, Mind Australia, MI Fellowship of Victoria, Neami National, Tandem Carers and the Victorian Mental Illness Awareness Council were the official Partner Organisations on the ARC Linkage Project underpinning this website.)

Advisory Panel

Thank you to our Advisory Panel members for their valuable contributions to this project, including in relation to recruitment, interview guide design, data analysis, review of talking points, and general guidance and feedback as the project progressed.

Advisory Panel Members – Australia

Indigo Daya, Ben Kong, Dr Kon Kon, Bee Mitchell-Dawson, Fiona Rippin and Julie Skilbeck, Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), Victoria

Denise Damouni, Representative, Eastern Health Carer Advisory Bank

Dave Peters, Consumer Representative, Neami National

Toni Rodie, Representative, Eastern Health Carer Advisory Bank

Liz Dearn, Office of the Public Advocate

Emma Montgomery, Victorian Mental Health Tribunal

Catherine Roper, Consumer Advocate, University of Melbourne

Keir Saltmarsh, Office of the Mental Health Complaints Commissioner

Associate Professor Ruth Vine, NorthWestern Mental Health, Melbourne Health

Dr Simon Jones, NorthWestern Mental Health, Melbourne Health

Associate Professor Catherine Mills, Monash University

Professor Alex Broom, University of New South Wales

Advisory Panel Members – International

Professor Lisa Blackman, Goldsmiths College, University of London, UK

Professor Damien Ridge, University of Westminster, UK


Special thanks go to all the people who generously participated in this project by sharing their personal stories to inform the development of this website. This website is produced with them and for them.

Special thanks also go to Maureen Robinson and Healthdirect Australia for their generous in-kind support for the development and hosting of this website. Thank you to all Healthdirect Australia staff involved in designing and building the website – particularly Selcuk Savas, Miguel Llano, Sara Renwick and Andrew Bryant.

Thank you to Emma Montgomery from Victorian Mental Health Tribunal (formerly of DHHS) for her sustained interest and support over the life of the project.

Thank you to Indigo Daya from DHHS (formerly of MI Fellowship) for her insightful comments related to language used on this website and general contributions to the project.

Thank you to Sam Cadman, Dr Claire Tanner, and Brandy Cochrane for their contributions to the production of this website.

Thanks to the School of Social Sciences, Faculty of Arts, Monash University for supporting the Monash-based researchers and this project.

Funded by: Australian Research Council Linkage Project: ID LP 130100557