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Severe Asthma Podcast

Welcome to the Healthtalk Australia Podcast, a series that helps patients, their families and friends, and healthcare professionals understand severe asthma by highlighting the experiences of the patients themselves.

We aim to bring the personal to the forefront of the often-incapacitating disease that is severe asthma. While good medicine saves lives and is particularly important for the management of severe asthma, we think it’s important to also understand the lived experience; the nuances, challenges, joys and heartaches of living with a long-term condition. In so doing we can help individuals, families and communities to become better informed, make wise decisions, know what to expect from their healthcare professionals, and make a positive contribution to healthcare delivery in Australia.

The health messages and news we hear about asthma usually comes from a clinical perspective. But our work puts the patient’s perspective in the spotlight. We interviewed 38 people, all around Australia, from different backgrounds and geographic locations, who have severe asthma. As you will hear, our participants have a wide range of experiences of living with this chronic respiratory disease.

Podcast #1 (34:14):
  • What is severe asthma?
  • Medical information
  • Impact of severe asthma on people’s lives - personal meanings, expectations, and experiences

Podcast #2 (35:36):
  • Disrupting the normal pattern of people’s lives
  • Medication taking - the highs and lows
  • Emotions and mental health

Podcast #3 (41:42):
  • Asthma triggers
  • Relationships
  • Communicating with health professionals
  • Advice and messages


Production and music: Mark Smith