Physical Health Experiences of People who have Accessed Mental Health Services: A qualitative research and online resource development project


Have you accessed mental health services AND have lived experience of related physical health concerns?
Are you over 18 years old, and based in NSW or Victoria?


** UPDATE (October 2021): We are especially keen to hear from people living in NSW **

Four out of every five people who have accessed mental health services have co-existing physical health concerns. Compared to the general population, people who have accessed mental health services are two times more likely to have cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, and osteoporosis. As a result, people who use public mental health services die on average 30 years earlier than the general population.

We would like to interview you to better understand people who have used psychiatric services and their related experiences of physical health.1

We would like to hear about how you first came to realise that you had physical health concerns connected to your mental health service use, if you sought medical or other forms of help, your experiences with treatment, how your physical health has impacted your relationships and personal life, how it relates to your experience of mental health care, and anything else that you’d like to share.

Based on the information we gather, we will produce online resources to support people with lived experiences of physical health concerns related to psychiatric service use and those caring for them, and to inform and educate service providers and policy-makers.

1 In designing and writing the content for this website, the authors acknowledge that there are many different opinions about the respectful use of language in the context of mental health experiences and systems. Some people are quite satisfied with the kinds of words and phrases commonly used within mental health settings, while others find this language inaccurate and offensive. Where using a disputed term, we have put those terms in quotation marks.

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