Physical Wellbeing and Mental Health Interactive Film Preview Image

Welcome to the Physical Health and Mental Health online resource. This resources enables you to explore how people navigated the complex relationship between their physical and mental health, through video clips, audio recordings and written statements of their experiences. This project conducted by researchers at La Trobe, RMIT and Charles Sturt Universities and supported by funding from the National Mental Health Commission, NSW Mental Health Commission and the Victorian government.

Once you have entered the interactive resource, you can click on the pulses to progress through the topics you’re most interested in, or click 'Index' at the bottom left hand side of the page to see a full list of talking points.

How the resource was developed

Our researchers spoke to 32 people around Victoria and New South Wales with lived experience of a wide variety of physical and mental health concerns, 28 of whom feature their stories in this resource. These people came from a range of backgrounds and were at different stages of their health journey. People talked about how they understood their physical and mental health to be connected, how the healthcare system and individual practitioners could get in the way of their pursuit of health, how to manage their health within the context of their day-to-day lives, what interactions with health providers made a difference, and thoughts on how to gain more agency and control over their health, among other topics. Find out more about who we spoke to.