Advice for health practitioners and health services

Based on their experiences, the people we spoke to shared their opinions and perspectives on how they felt health practitioners, fertility clinics and the health system could better support others undergoing fertility treatment. The first film contains advice for health practitioners, while the second covers advice for fertility clinics and the health system.

For health practitioners, key tips include:

  • Listen and trust people’s expertise in their own bodies
  • Act as early as possible
  • Communicate clearly and break information down
  • Be empathetic and remember every person is unique
  • Remember that fertility is about more than having a baby

Advice for health services and the wider health system includes:

  • Greater inclusion of LGBTQI+ people going through fertility treatment
  • More emphasis on accessibility, flexibility and personalized care
  • More public funding for fertility treatment to make it more widely available

Advice for health practitioners

Advice for health services