Age at interview: 38
Infertility diagnosis: Yes
Contributing factors to fertility problems: Low egg reserves, in a relationship with a cisgender woman and needing donor sperm, immunological factorsi
Age at diagnosis: 28
Fertility treatments: home insemination with known donor, IUI, IVF, IVF add-ons (prednisolone)i

Background: Tallace works part-time as a research consultant. She and her partner have a 5-year old child and are expecting their second baby. Tallace has Anglo-Italian heritage and lives with her family in a regional town.

Find out more about Tallace’s experiences in the following short films:

Trying to Conceive and First Seeking Help
Experiences of Fertility Testing
Experiences of Fertility Treatment
Donor Conception and Surrogacy
Experiences of Becoming Parents: Queer Women and Gender Diverse People Presumed Female at Birth
Experiences of Health Practitioners and Health Services
Infertility, Fertility Treatment, and Partner Relationships
Thoughts and Feelings about Infertility and Fertility Treatment
Advice for others Experiencing Infertility and/or Fertility Treatment
Advice for Health Practitioners and Health Services

i There is currently no evidence for immunological tests and treatments for infertility. To learn more please visit Immunological tests and treatments for fertility | Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (hfea.gov.uk)

ii There is conflicting evidence for endometrial scratching as a fertility treatment. To learn more please visit Endometrial scratching | Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (hfea.gov.uk)