Age at interview: 33
Infertility diagnosis: No
Contributing factors to fertility problems: PCOS, possible endometriosis
Age at diagnosis: 24 (PCOS)
Fertility treatments: Fertility tablets and monitoring by ultrasound, about to start IVF. 

Background: Skye works full-time as a customer service manager. She lives with her partner in a remote town and is from an Anglo Australian background.

Find out more about Skye’s experiences in the following short films:

Trying to Conceive and First Seeking Help
Contributing Factors to Fertility Problems
Experiences of Complementary and Alternative Medicines and Therapies and Lifestyle Changes
Experiences of Health Practitioners and Health Services
Infertility, Fertility Treatment, and Partner Relationships
Navigating Infertility and Fertility Treatment: Relationships with Family, Friends and Peers
Thoughts and Feelings about Infertility and Fertility Treatment