Age at interview: 31
Infertility diagnosis: Yes
Contributing factors to fertility problems: Unexplained infertility, possibly related to endometriosis
Age at diagnosis: 26
Fertility treatments:
Ovulation induction, IVF, IVF add-ons (prednisolone and enoxaparin sodium)1

Background: Jacinta works part-time as a health promotion officer. She lives with her husband and their toddler in a regional town and is expecting her second child. Jacinta is from an Anglo-Australian background.

Find out more about Jacinta's experiences in the following short films:

Contributing Factors to Fertility Problems
Experiences of Fertility Treatment
Infertility and Fertility Treatment: Seeking Information and Support
Experiences of Conception, Pregnancy and Childbirth
Other Paths to Parenthood: Adoption and Foster Care
Infertility, Fertility Treatment, and Partner Relationships
Advice for others Experiencing Infertility and/or Fertility Treatment
Advice for Family and Friends of Someone Experiencing Infertility and Fertility Treatment
Advice for Health Practitioners and Health Services

1 IVF add-ons refer to additional treatments which lack evidence of effectiveness. To learn more please visit https://www.hfea.gov.uk/treatments/the reatment-add-ons

2 There is currently no evidence for immunological tests and treatments for infertility. To learn more please visit Immunological tests and treatments for fertility | Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (hfea.gov.uk)