Donor conception and surrogacy

Several people we spoke with had conceived using donor sperm and one using donor eggs, while some were considering using donor eggs and/or donor embryos. Reasons for using donor sperm included being single, or in a relationship with another woman, trans or gender diverse person presumed female at birth. Reasons for using or considering using donor eggs included fertility problems such as early menopause, low ovarian reserve, and age.

The first film on this page is about decision-making. It touches on people’s thoughts and feelings about having a genetic link to their children, about deciding to use a known or fertility clinic donor, and about trying surrogacy. The film also looks at the factors that influenced people’s decision-making such as cost and thinking about their future child’s perspective.

The second film looks at people’s experiences of donor conception and surrogacy – choosing a donor, what it is like experiencing IVF using an egg donor, home insemination, IUI and IVF using a clinic donor, and surrogacy.

Deciding to try donor conception or surrogacy

Experiences of donor conception and surrogacy

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