Nora Lee

Nora lee_photo

Name: Nora Lee
Age at interview: 63
Gender: Female

Nora lee is 63 years old and works as a bookkeeper part-time. She is of Italian-Canadian background and has lived on her own in Sydney since her divorce over 15 years ago.

More about Nora Lee

Nora lee gained a great deal of self-confidence when she turned 50, but felt she lost half of this positivity when she turned 60. She thought 'things would get better' as she approached this age but she has found the lack of energy frustrating as it prevents her from doing all the things she wants to do. Although she still had self-confidence, there has been more 'aches and pains' associated with growing older. She does not let this bother her too much, though, as she knows many other people get the same aches and pains.

Both of Nora lee's parents died quite young from heart disease, her father when he was 59 and her mother when she was 66. Nora lee felt extremely uneasy around the time she turned 59 and wonders if the approach of 66 years is causing some of her frustration now. There has also been some work-related stress in the past year. Nora lee lost one of her long-term contracts when the business was sold and she found she did not have the emotional resilience that she once had. However, she is financially quite comfortable as she has always been prudent with her money, contributing regularly to her superannuation and has been successful with shares.

Nora lee has changed a number of things to remain healthy as she has grown older. She is a keen walker and is diligent in having the necessary medical tests performed. She finds there are many foods she can no longer tolerate. She drinks very little alcohol and she does not smoke. She has a long history with her naturopath who also acts as a counsellor; she has seen Nora lee through some very difficult times, such as coping with infertility and her divorce. She is a firm believer in naturopathy and credits the practice with helping her with many health and emotional issues.

Nora lee is close to her family, most of whom live in Canada. She keeps in regular contact with them and visits them in Canada and the United States at least every two years. Now that her nieces and nephews are grown and the phone and internet are readily accessible, she spends more time talking with her sister, which she really appreciates. Nora lee has many friends with children who are getting married and having babies and she takes great pleasure in being part of their lives. She is now perfectly content not having children of her own and she enjoys having other people's children around. Nora lee also has some very close, long-term friends who are important in her life; they go travelling together and are executors of each other's wills. She also has a wide circle of friends who she has met through hobbies and other interests. Nora lee is not in a relationship, although she has a regular lover. This situation suits her perfectly.

Nora lee definitely noticed that she 'became invisible' once she reached her 50s, particularly to men. This does not really bother her now, as she accepts herself the way she is. She appreciates the confidence and knowledge that comes with age. Nora lee says she now feels comfortable in her skin.