Name: Margaret
Age at interview: 67
Gender: Female

Margaret is a 67 year old property investor. She is divorced and has two children aged 36 and 40. Margaret was born in Australia and is a non-practicing Catholic. She lives by herself in Perth, Western Australia.

More about Margaret

Margaret divorced in her mid 50s and feels she has achieved a lot on her own. The first five years after her divorce were stressful, but she is excited to be exploring all the dimensions of herself as she gets older. Margaret has always worked long hours and has found in the last couple of years she does not achieve as much in a day as she used to, which is frustrating. Her biggest fear is not being able to support herself through retirement, but after taking a property investment course and making sound decisions, she is now on track financially. She advises others not to make any major financial choices in the first year after divorce or while still in emotional upheaval. While she does not plan to retire any time soon, Margaret would like to slow down and contribute more through charitable work.

Margaret had a knee replacement 12 years ago. She feels the pain in her knee was directly linked to the stress she was experiencing in her life at the time. She says that walking, eating healthy food in moderation and controlling her weight are vital to healthy ageing. Since having Lap Band surgery she has lost 20kg and has kept her weight down by eating much less. Other things that contribute to her wellbeing are fortnightly deep tissue massage, seeing a naturopath and taking multi-vitamin supplements, however, she feels she should relax more. Margaret worries about Alzheimer's disease because her mother and three of her aunts have lived with it for many years. She says that she treasures those precious moments when her mum recognises her and remembers her name.

Margaret got off anti-depressants five years after her divorce, and was keen to start meeting men and find a partner. She used the internet to start dating and having sex again, but is now looking for a complete package of a monogamous relationship and emotional intimacy, but where both parties keep their independence. Margaret says the internet is vital for keeping connected as she ages as it allows her to keep in touch with friends, family, for work and for meeting people.

The most positive thing about ageing for Margaret is being free of menopause, while the most negative aspect of ageing is putting up with aches and pains. She says the most important thing as you age is keeping up with what is happening in the world, having a positive attitude and creating your best life by utilising all the opportunities you can.