Name: Jack
Age at interview: 81
Gender: Male

Jack is 81 years old and a widower who lives on his own in Melbourne. He is a retired office cleaner and he of Anglo-Australian background.

More about Jack

Jack's experience of ageing had been relatively trouble-free until his wife died unexpectedly when he was in his early 60s, after only five years of marriage. Jack believes the shock of losing her began the string of heart attacks he had and resulted in the health problems he struggles with now. His complex health issues means that he is currently waiting for his doctors to agree this it is safe for him to have an operation. His conditions mean there are some costs that he needs to cover, but he feels these are 'not too bad', and he has been very happy with the care he has received from health services. Despite the limitations due to his health, Jack is able to do most things he wants to do. He needed to give up riding his motorbike because of his health, but he did not mind too much as it was replaced with a scooter, so he can still get around. He is rarely at home and often visits his nephew and his wife who live close by.

Jack has recently lost his brother-in-law who was a good mate and did a lot of 'running around' for him. He has lost many of his friends from the old days when his wife was alive and they lived in another area. He now has two good friends from the local 'Walk with Wheels' group that he takes part in. He is also a member of a men's lunch group and a 'Huff and Puff' group run out of the local hospital to help him manage asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). He enjoys living in his area of Melbourne and he is very happy with the public housing accommodation that he has. He receives home help and sees the Royal District Nursing Service for catheter care. Jack has many books, DVDs and CDs to keep him occupied when he is at home. He feels he has everything he needs and is happy to just take one day at a time.