Name: Chester
Age at interview:
Gender: Male

Chester is 72 years old. He divides his time between his home in Sydney and his partner's home in the Blue Mountains. Chester raised one daughter and he has a grandson who lives overseas.

More about Chester

Chester has been with his current partner for nearly a year. This is his first relationship since he returned to Australia 12 years ago after living in Europe and Brazil, and he is 'over the moon' about this new phase in his life. He met his partner through their membership of a political party in which they are both actively involved. Chester also spends his time working on a voluntary basis as an English language instructor.

Chester feels that Sydney public transport services are inadequate for a city of that size and it has failed to meet his needs numerous times. He has also had a poor experience getting things done by the public housing service; however, he is happy with his small Sydney home. Chester has trouble with fallen foot arches and arthritis. This means he is often in pain and he needs to take care when he is out walking, however he can still walk unassisted. Chester is living with prostate cancer but he considers that his health is otherwise very good, which he attributes to an excellent diet and swimming for many years.

Chester has lived in Sydney, the Central Coast and the Blue Mountains since his return to Australia. He finds that, growing older in Sydney, he is treated with contempt. Strangers treat him as if he is 'imbecilic' and people are continually asking him if he is alright. Chester suspects he is treated this way because he is an older man out in public, smiling at strangers and they think he has lost his mind. He is not treated like this in the Blue Mountains or the Central Coast.

Chester's daughter died a few years after he returned to Australia. He finds it difficult to come to terms with this, as they were very close. He has had a number of old friends pass away and he was particularly saddened by the deaths of two friends in Sydney before he had a chance to see them again. Losing friends has not made him gloomy, however, as death is inevitable. He has plans to donate his organs and he has discussed these plans with his partner. Chester's main aspiration for his life now is to continue writing, something he has always done prolifically, and finally see his work accepted for publication.