The information contained within the Early Menopause: Women’s Experiences and Health Practitioners’ Perspectives digital resources is based on research conducted in Australia by researchers from the Social & Global Studies Centre at RMIT University, the Monash Centre for Health Research and Implementation (MCHRI), Faculty of Medicine, Monash University, the University of Melbourne, and the University of Western Australia.

Chief Investigators


Professor Renata Kokanović (Professor of Medical Sociology, RMIT Vice Chancellor’s Professorial Research Fellow, Health, Society & Medicine (HSM) Research Program, Social & Global Studies Centre, RMIT University; Director, Healthtalk Australia)


Adj. Clinical Associate Professor Amanda Vincent (Head, Early Menopause Studies, MCHRI, Monash University; Monash Health Menopause Clinic)


Associate Professor Jacqueline Boyle (Head of Health Systems and Equity, Eastern Health Clinical School, Monash University; Monash Health Menopause Clinic)


Professor Helena Teede (Director, MCHRI, Monash University)


Professor Martha Hickey (Professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, University of Melbourne; Head of Menopause and Menopause after Cancer Unit, The Women’s Hospital)


Professor Roger Hart (Professor of Reproductive Medicine, University of Western Australia)

All investigators assisted in the recruitment of participants, contributed to data analysis, co-supervised the research team during the process of writing talking points, reviewed Talking Points and Participant Profile, and the additional resources including the management algorithm and QPL. Professor Renata Kokanović and Adj. Clinical Associate Professor Amanda Vincent oversaw the overall development of the digital resource.

Research Team


Dr Kate Johnston-Ataata (Visiting Research Fellow, Social & Global Studies Centre, RMIT University)


Dr Jacinthe Flore (Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Social & Global Studies Centre, RMIT University)


Dr Kim Huynh (Research Programs Manager, MCHRI, Monash University)


Ms Ladan Yeganeh (PhD Candidate, MCHRI, Monash University)

Dr Kate Johnston-Ataata and Dr Jacinthe Flore were responsible for conduct of the qualitative research, including the interviews (30 women and 16 health practitioners), data analysis, and writing of Talking Points and Profiles. Kate managed the qualitative research and digital resource component of the project and led the development of the Women’s Experiences resource, while Jacinthe led and managed the development of the Health Practitioners’ Perspectives resource.

Dr Kim Huynh provided overall project management including ethics, governance, finances, and research assistance especially with the Question Prompt List.

Ms Ladan Yeganeh’s PhD candidature involved the development of resources including the health professional algorithms and Question Prompt List, in addition to conducting the evaluation of the completed digital resources.

Partner Organisations

Many thanks to our Partner Organisations for their generous support (financial and in-kind) of this project.

Reference Group

Thank you to our Reference Group members for their valuable contributions to this project, including in relation to recruitment, interview guide design, data analysis, review of talking points, and general guidance and feedback as the project progressed. Particular thanks to Associate Investigator Ms Jane Fox (Director of Breast Services, Monash Health; Senior Lecturer, Southern Clinical School, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Monash University and Professor Renata Kokanović (Professor of Medical Sociology, RMIT University; Director, Healthtalk Australia) for co-chairing the Reference Group.


Special thanks go to the 30 women and 16 health practitioners who generously shared their experiences and perspectives, and contributed their time to this project to inform the development of two digital resources. It would not have been possible without them. We would also like to thank the women who participated in the surveys and focus groups and the health practitioners who provided valuable feedback regarding the content developed for the digital resources.

We would also like to thank Maureen Robinson (former General Manager, Clinical Governance, Healthdirect Australia) for her ongoing support of Healthalk Australia, and Healthdirect Australia for their generous in-kind support for the development of these digital resources.

We are grateful to Rita Butera, Andrea Cannon, Amanda Coles, Kirsty Costa, Annarella Hardiman, Dr Samantha Hutchison, Dr Karen Magraith, Dr Galina Schevzov, Professor Eva Segelov, Danielle Spence, Dr Lesley Stafford, Professor Beverley Vollenhoven, and the CI team for their guidance and insights in reviewing the Talking Points.

Many thanks to Dr Nicholas Hill and Dr Mahima Kalla for their research assistance.

We would like to acknowledge the School of Global, Urban and Social Studies and the Social & Global Studies Centre at RMIT University and the School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine, Monash University for their support of the RMIT-based and MCHRI-based researchers respectively.

Thanks to Melinda Sóos, who photographed the wildflowers used on the digital resource, and to Merran Taylor, So Brave 2019 Ambassador and Ms Jane Fox for recording the introductory videos.

Funded by: National Health and Medical Research Council Partnership Project (APP1116008, 2016 – 2019). We also acknowledge NHMRC fellowship funding for Associate Professor Jacqueline Boyle (CDF) and Professor Helena Teede (Practitioner Fellowship).