Living with a Diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder Interactive Film Preview Image

Welcome to the interactive online resource ‘Living with a Diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder’*.

The online resource is a dynamic, rich and illuminating platform where you can explore how people negotiate complex experiences of living with a diagnosis of borderline personality disorder (BPD). It was developed in collaboration with and endorsed by people living with experiences that are diagnosed as BPD and representatives from partner organisations.

The resource highlights the great diversity of experiences encountered by those diagnosed with BPD and recognises how these are shaped by their unique life histories. These experiences are illustrated in a multi-faceted way using audio clips, written statements, and specifically curated video material.

Introduction by Lyn Mahboub, Lived Experience Academic and Educator


Collaborative development

Resource development was led by researchers in the Social Equity Research Centre (SERC) at RMIT University in collaboration with an advisory group consisting of people with lived experience, health and social care practitioners, interdisciplinary researchers with relevant expertise, and representatives of partner organisations.

To create this resource the research team interviewed 24 people from diverse backgrounds and varied life histories. People’s narratives have been organised into five themed sections that reflect these.

Addressing points of contention

The diagnosis of BPD is a source of significant controversy and often generates stigma that impacts people in a multitude of ways. The resource has been developed to address some of these controversies.

It has been carefully designed to enhance empathy and understanding about how living with experiences that are diagnosed as BPD can feel and to help inform changes to current systems of care and support. In this way, it is intended to be an insightful, transformative resource for people with similar experiences, their family and friends, and health and social care practitioners working in a range of roles and settings.

It also offers insights for the general community to raise awareness about the need to develop whole-of-community approaches to support those experiencing mental distress.

* It is known that people with lived experience have diverse views about being diagnosed with BPD. Our focus is on the lived and living experience of people navigating this complex terrain.