About Us

Healthtalk Australia is a consortium of researchers based at RMIT University, the University of Sydney, Monash University and UNSW conducting qualitative research into experiences of health and illness. We are a member of DIPEx International.

You will find here information about the work we do, our collaborators, and the health conditions we have explored. Our overall aim is to contribute to the development of the qualitative research knowledge base about people's experiences of health and illness (including carers' experiences and health professionals' perspectives), and use this to create public online resources targeting the Australian community, researchers, health professionals and policymakers.

You will also find links to websites based on our research featuring video, audio and written clips of people talking about various health conditions, and up-to-date information about the conditions, how they are treated, and who to approach for support and information.

We provide evidence-based data on people's experiences of health and illness, as well as carers' and health professionals' perspectives, that provides information and support, and assists informed decision making.

Our interviews (over 300) typically include people's accounts of their reactions to diagnosis, consultations with health professionals, decisions about treatment options, experiences of treatment, and impact of their health condition and treatment on relationships, work and finances.


We rely on external funding to support our work. To date, our projects have attracted funding in excess of $4 million.

Our major academic funding comes from the Australian Research Council and National Health and Medical Research Council. Our industry collaborators (government and non-government organisations) including Healthdirect Australia, beyondblue, NPS MedicineWise, the Victorian Department of Health, Mind Australia, Neami National, Wellways, Tandem, Victorian Mental Illness Awareness Council, National Breast Cancer Foundation, Monash Health, Breast Cancer Network Australia, Women's Health Victoria, Endocrine Society of Australia and Australasian Menopause Society provide significant cash and in-kind contributions to our work.

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