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Sitting on Stairs Alone
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Mother and Daughter Walking Together
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Ageing Healthtalk Australia

Find out what people say about getting older.

Early Parenthood Healthtalk Australia

Australian parents talk about their emotional experiences of expecting a baby and early parenthood.

Depression & Recovery Healthtalk Australia

Personal stories of experiences of depression and recovery.


Explore how people negotiate complex experiences of living with a BPD diagnosis.

Mental Health & Supported Decision Making Healthtalk Australia

Experiences of people living with severe mental health problems, including experiences of support in making decisions about treatment and care.

Mental Health Care in the Emergency Department Healthtalk Australia

Exploring diverse lived experiences of mental healthcare within emergency department settings.


Experiences of infertility, fertility problems and fertility treatment

Physical Wellbeing & Mental Health

Exploring how people navigated the complex relationship between their physical and mental health

Mental Health: Carers' Experiences Healthtalk Australia

Experiences of people caring for a family member living with severe mental health problems, including experiences of support in making decisions about treatment and care.

Early Menopause Healthtalk Australia

Women’s stories of experiencing early menopause.

Early Menopause Health Practitioners' Perspective

Health practitioners’ perspectives on caring for women with early menopause.

Severe Asthma

Experiences of living with severe asthma.

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Welcome to Healthtalk Australia

Listen to and watch Australians share their health and illness experiences. Find evidence-based, plain language health information.

Early Parenthood
Sitting on Stairs Alone
Depression & Recovery Healthtalk Australia Menu
Severe Asthma
Physical Wellbeing & Mental Health
Mental health: Carers’ experiences
Bright City Street
Lives of Substance Healthtalk Australia
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About Healthtalk Australia

Healthtalk Australia is dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of Australians by harnessing the power of stories, rigorous research methods, and the internet to understand and share experiences of:

  • what it’s really like to have a particular health condition or to care for someone with that condition, and
  • what is and isn't working in our health and social care system.

We use proven qualitative research methods to collect and analyse in-depth
narratives on film and audio from:

  • people experiencing various health or related conditions,
  • carers, and
  • health professionals.

The only research-based digital repository of health experiences in Australia, Healthtalk Australia’s resources provide support and information to other patients and carers, and information to health professionals and health educators.

DIPEx International

Healthtalk Australia is a member of DIPEx International, a network of academic researchers in 13 countries around the world who produce digital health resources based on rigorous research into experiences of major illness and health-related conditions from the perspective of patients and family members. DIPEx International was established in 2013 and its members use the methodology developed by the Health Experiences Research Group at the University of Oxford and the DIPEx charity, which together publish the award-winning website.